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I was flipping through the tv guide the other day when I came across the show Wife Swap. This is a reality show I tend to skip over as every time I have attempted to watch it the negative energy coming off of the screen just forces me to walk away, but I am not sure what captured my attention this particular time…maybe a word flashed that caught my imagination or maybe I was hallucinating, but I flicked to the info of the episode and found it really appealed to my state of mind. The description of the episode was something like:

“A well off lady who believes in the power of positive thinking and self manifestation swaps place with a down on her luck woman who’s husband is currently unemployed and whom lives in a trailer.”

Positive thinking – check

Self manifestation – check

This one sounded like it might be a really good watch. So I dedicated an hour of my life to see what it may reveal and how this wonderful positive thinking would greatly influence and hopefully help improve the outlook of the other lady’s family. Oh just how sadly wrong I was…..*cue the usual negativity that ensues in this program*

Of course, when the wives enter their “new homes” the husbands find it difficult to deal with the new women that they are living with and some quite amazing discussions and reactions ensue. There are so many thoughts and emotions I experienced while watching this program that I cannot explain them all, so I’m going to try and touch upon what I feel are the most important ones for me:

  • It is much easier to think positively about a situation when things are going well for you personally, it is much harder when you are personally going through tough times. Example, I find it a lot of fun to *try* and live as frugally as possible, but I have the luxury of knowing if it doesn’t work out I can spend more because the money is there. I *know* that if we had to be frugal simply because there was no other option, it would not feel like such a positive experience.
  • On the other hand, I realize that your actions or behaviours are habit forming and therefore life shaping. Example, while times are good for us we aim to live as frugally as possible so we may save. Which in turn has provided us with a situation in which, if we happened to lose our jobs tomorrow, it would take quite some time for us before we would end up on the street.
  • The biggest gift you can give yourself or your family is to be open minded and resourceful, no matter what your personal situation currently is. Example, we have a friend who has been underemployeed for almost 3 years and try as he might to look for a job, he cannot find anything. He has written up several different versions of his resume and he looks for jobs online and applies, he has been to employment agencies and talked to friends, but he has had no luck with finding a job. In the past 3 years John has found not 1 but 5 jobs and I have found 2. It’s not magic, we’re not anything special, so why can we do it? Well our friend is stuck on the fact that he is of supervisor level and he will not apply for any jobs he deems beneath him, but he will also not go out of his way to impress anyone to get the job. His closed mindedness and lack of resourcefulness have kept him underemployed.
  • My husband has this wonderfully simple saying he often repeats to me, which is “Give time, time.”. I have always been a very impatient person. I want everything yesterday or if not sooner. However John knows the value of patience, he knows that you cannot have everything you want at exactly the moment you think of it. Patience is a great gift. Example, 5 years ago I wanted what we have today so much that I felt like we were just not good enough because we didn’t already have it. It took us 5 years, but we have it and it is so much better than I ever imagined because we had to work so hard to get it and we appreciate even more for it.

So given that I got that much positive thinking out of a positively horrendous reality show, I’m thinking it was not all THAT bad after all 🙂


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So last week I was sick 2 Thursday and Friday from work during quiet a critical time at work. To be honest I’ve been feeling quiet depressed lately and I beliveve my despression is making me feel sick. I wish it would go away as I’ve suffered from depression in the past ad I no longer want that to be part of my life. It is hard to fight once it sets in.

The reason I have been getting depressed is that I have decided that I really want to move to the US, but there are so many things which need to be done before I can even start thinking about moving. I started reading into the process at the end of last year and slowly started collecting the required paperwork. I’m much closer now than I was 5 months ago, but the toughest part has not yet arrived, so I keep knocking away at sending away paperwork and trying to handle it one step at a time. Like they say – the easier way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

I guess something else contributing to my feeling that we have a stopwatch ticking down on this issue is that both my boyfriend’s and my employment contracts are coming up for renewal : his at the end of July and mine mid-way October. In this economy it is very hard to say if they’ll be renewed or not and I feel it’ll be the perfect opportunity for us to pack up and go. Even though we have not saved up nearly as much money as we dicussed we would and the paperwork will take several more months to process at least.

I’m feeling so unreasonably impatient on one hand and on the other I feel if we go earlier we’ll be putting some of our other dreams on hold longer. Like buying a hobby farm. Once we immigrate to the States, it’ll take us much longer to save up the money to have a decent deposit on a country house. I need to stop being so impatient and I need to stop worrying about EVERYTHING. After all that is the whole reason we’ve consciously decided to live a simpler life. So that we learn to enjoy the every day instead of killing ourselves working for an uncertain future.

Someone once told me a story I’ll never forget. This woman and her husband had 3 kids and they decided one day to save every penny they had so that one day they could afford to build a their dream house. This goal motivated them so much that they hardly ever brought anything extra for the family, they scrimped and saved so much that they cut out nearly all “wants” in their lives. They only spent money on “needs” and put all the remainder of their money into savings for their dream house. Then finally the day came around where they could afford to build their dream house and they did. When it was finished, they were so happy with it, theirs kids were over the moon. It was a dream come true. 1 week after it was comepleted and they had moved in, the house was burnt to the ground with all their possessions inside.

True story with so much meaning and is quite appropriate to heal my current mood. I will meditate upon the truth of this story.
So our online “high interest” savings account interest rate is dropping again from 3.75% to 3.5% as of May 20th. This makes it much less attractive to save our money in that account compared to our normal savings accounts as the difference in interest percentage is less than one full percent. We’ll keep our savings there for now, but I might have to start looking around for a better interest rate if it drops any further.

It’s a pity that we could not place our cash in CDs. We’re so shakey at the moment with the economy and our plans to move that I don’t want to tie up our money for any length of time. We need it as accessible as possible.

I hope you all keep well during the next few days, especially my friends who are facing a company reorganisation announcement on Monday.


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Shortly before the effects of the economic crisis started reaching my personal life, my parents who are from the baby boomer generation retired. When they retired, their disposable income dropped dramatically due to poor retirement planning coupled with the bad stock market.

With all the talk in the media about how it would be possible for economies to recover from this recession, I am still shocked at the little amount of discussion that has gone on about the effect of the baby boomer generation retiring has had on economies around the world. It has been widely discussed that this generation had not saved enough to maintain their spending into retirement and that they made up a large proportion of the population and therefore accounted for much of the demand. Now that they are retiring surely this two factors mean that the demand for goods and services has decreased dramatically as they adjust to their new financial situation?

To kick start the world economies the demand ofor goods and services needs to increase again. with the high levels of unemployment, decreased spending power of the average person and the huge national debts keeping most governments from increasing government spending to a level which could kick start economies again I would like to dare epople to come up with ways in which economies could be kick started again. What actions could be undertaken in order to improve the world’s financial situation?

– Those who have money need to spend it.
– Governments could forgive each other for their debts.
– The IMF could use the amounts each country donates to good causes or developing countries and write off that amount form their overall debt.

Things need to be done to simulate our economies again. Please share any ideas you have about how to do this with me and any other forum who’ll listen. It is time for the world to join together and share creative solutions with one another. We are all in this together.


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Seems like recently that the economic recession is the prevalent topic in the collective conciousness. Companies are announcing daily bad figures and layoffs, governments are concentrating on the increasing unemployment rates and putting together bailout packages and people are discussing their newly acquired war wounds. During all this commotion I find the only way I can keep myself calm and positive is to concentrate on my personal life and try to not let all this panic infect my thoughts.

I have therefore come up with a plan of action to help keep me from concentrating too much on the negative and to instead see this situation for what it is: part of the process of life.

1. Get enough sleep, eat well and exercise to keep myself feeling healthy because I handle things better if I am feeling

2. Be aware of the current situation, but do not ponder on it too much.

3. Work hard at my current job keeping in mind that it is not secure and there is nothing I can do about that. I am developing my network and concentrating some extra effort in growing my skillset.

4. I have updated my resume and am thinking about what sort of work I might want to do if I have to leave my job. Part of this is that I am doing occasional research online to see what type of jobs are avaliable in the current climate and which companies are hiring.

5. Keep adding to the emergency fund and finding ways to reduce our monthly bills.

6. Spend quality time with my loved ones doing things which do not cost alot of money but will provide good memories for years to come.

7. If I have to leave my job, I will dedicate at least 2-4 hours a day to a job search and the remaining 4-6 hours I will use to either do some volunteer work, start a small business or learn a new skill ( in other words I will do something constructive with that time). This will keep my involved in society, give me something positve to concentrate on and perhaps open up new doors.

8. Keeping dreaming about a bright future filled with love, health and happiness!

So there you have my action plan to survive the recession. I may add some things to this as I go along.

May God keep you all safe!


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